Tuscan Estate Olive Oil

More than a third of all Americans choose Italian food as their favorite cuisine and it’s no wonder. I love all things Italian, from the fashion, art and culture to the passion and drama of the people.

But the food is what’s nearest and dearest to my heart. It’s fresh, delicious, simply prepared and relies heavily on the best quality ingredients, especially when it comes to olive oil (Now you know I’m talking real Italian olive oil here, not some cheap big box store excuse for olive oil, right?) When I discovered Mitaly, and La Corte olive oil through some Italian friends, I thought, “How nice…more Italian olive oil for us to choose from”, but when I tasted it, I thought, “I’ve got to offer this on my website”.

It’s my honor to be able to offer this yummy, estate olive oil to you, and to help you get a true taste of Italy in your kitchen.



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