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Anyone who has known me for more than three seconds knows I am obsessed with great skin. It all began with my mother, who never squandered or took her gorgeous complexion for granted. She taught me well and my skin’s health is as important to me as my internal health.

As a result, I am always on the hunt for the best skincare I can find…and the most natural. I have used some fabulous brands in the past and have loved them and the results I have seen.

And then my friend, Jean Richardson at Gold Mine Natural Foods introduced me to Sanctum. The Sanctum journey began on the pristine, unspoiled coastline of Byron Bay, when Greg and Jicky Milham moved there in search of a cleaner, more peaceful lifestyle to raise a family.

It was here they found the inspiration to start researching, developing and creating naturally derived skincare, combining locally sourced ingredients with therapeutic levels of active herbal and plant extracts, essentials oils and vitamins. The result is a range of skin, body and hair care treatments that are, in a word…amazing.

Every Sanctum product contains more than 70% Certified Organic Ingredients and many products are more than 95% Certified Organic, which I love. Just as important? These products work! My skin has never looked better, felt softer or been clearer…and yours will, too.

Treat your skin to its best health yet!

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