Olivado Avocado Oil

Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is quite simply, the pressed juice of New Zealand's finest quality ripe Avocados. We can call it Extra Virgin because its pressed at temperatures below 55 degrees F, and contains an acid content of 0.2%, far below the 1% required for the Extra Virgin designation. In addition, no heat or solvents are ever used to extract the oil from the fruit. Cold pressing retains all the powerful plant sterols which make the avocado one of the worlds healthiest fruits..

Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is never bitter, will not burn, and won’t overpower your recipes, while maintaining is superior health benefits with a deliciously rich, buttery, smooth flavor that will enhance rather than overpower your recipe. It is never bitter, and adds a wonderful flavor to any dish. Use as a salad dressing, cooking oil, for vegetable drizzling, bread dipping, marinade, etc.

Olivado Avocado Oil has the highest smoke point (491 degrees) of any other extra virgin, cold pressed oil, which makes it perfect for wok stir frying, sautéing, or any other cooking where high heat will cause other oils to break down and burn, releasing dangerous carcinogens, as well as ruining your dish.

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