Lindley Mills Organic Super Sprout™ Flour Products

Everyone who has known me for 30 seconds knows that baking is in my DNA. I adore it. It’s creative, artistic and precise. I am in heaven when I bake.

However, my commitment to wellness is stronger than my love of baking so I am always on the hunt for the best possible ingredients for my treats. I want ingredients that will delight the palate but not steal our health.

A tall order.

Unless you are Lindley Mills

Lindley Mills is a 10th generation organic specialty flour mill with organic products that are non-GMO, certified organic by Oregon Tilth and kosher products are Kosher certified by OK Labs.

Caroline Lindley sent me an unsolicited package of a new (to me) flour called Super Sprout whole wheat flour with a lovely note telling me it was perfect in any kind of baked good. Better than whole wheat pastry flour? Was that possible?

I ripped open the bag and made a batch of my classic vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. The first thing I noticed was how light the flour was; airy and soft. The cookies were tender, chewy and pretty much cookie perfection. I was on the phone to Caroline the very next day. I had to know more.

What Makes Super Sprout Different Than Other Flours?

Caroline explained that Super Sprout is “a unique optimally-sprouted whole grain wheat flour for baking. Super Sprout™ consists exclusively and entirely of the intact source whole grain wheat, and is derived solely from clean, sound, post-harvest wheat and potable water. We sprout and mill the wheat into a silky-fine, shelf-stable sprouted whole grain wheat flour with enhanced nutrition, and a well-rounded clean wheat taste. Super Sprout™ differs from refined white and whole wheat flours through its deeper, smoother flavor, higher water absorption, tender longer-lasting softness, and enhanced nutrition.”

And the ingredients? 100% organic whole wheat and water.

Why Super Sprout is More Easily Digested by the Body?

I did a bunch of research and discovered that sprouting greatly enhances the nutrition and digestibility of wheat. The body handles sprouted wheat similarly to the way it would consume and digest a vegetable. Their unique, proprietary process for sprouting Super Sprout™ jump-starts digestion and provides a far superior nutritional value for your body compared to other flours, making it a preferred option for health-conscious home and artisan bakers, including individuals with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues.

I use Super Sprout exclusively in all my baked treats, from cookies to cakes to pie crusts, muffins, cupcakes and more. We even use it as one of the flours when we bake bread. My results are simply dreamy and easy on the most sensitive of tummies.

It’s truly amazing, because you know what this means, right? We can have our cake (and pies and cookies) and eat it, too!

Lindley Mills Super Sprout Sprouted Rye Flour, Sprouted Spelt Flour; and Organic Corn Grits

In addition to Lindley Mills Super Sprout Whole Wheat Flour, you can also use their Super Sprout Sprouted Rye Flour and Super Sprout Sprouted Spelt Flour; and they also produce the most amazing, totally organic corn grits.

And now, you can get these great products right here on my website…HAPPY BAKING!

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1-2 Bags $8.95
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6-10 Bags $18.95

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