Kyocera Ergonomic Ceramic Knives

I love my Kycoera ceramic knife! I received my first one as a Christmas gift about fifteen years ago, and still use it every day. I am completely faithful to it!

The strength and density of ceramic materials allow the blade to be ground with microscopic precision by diamond wheels. Cool, right? The result is a razor-sharp blade that retains its original sharpness more than 10 times longer than steel knives.

A little history, ceramic knives originated in Japan and have been around for more than a decade. Here's why ceramic knives are so great:

  • Their ultra-sharp long-life blade holds its edge much longer than steel, and lasts many months, even years without sharpening.
  • They're stain and rust proof...a ceramic knife is impervious to the food acids which discolor steel products.
  • They impart no metallic taste or smell, which maintains the fresh taste of food and they won't brown fruits and vegetables.
  • The non-stick ceramic knife surface makes for easy clean-up.
  • They're easy to use, light weight and perfectly balanced.
  • And...they're guaranteed tough. Kyocera's ceramic knives come with a lifetime warranty (does not cover cutting bones, prying or flexing).

Once you invest in a ceramic knife, you'll never want anything else in your hand.

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