Gold Mine Natural Foods Pantry

I love food; I love everything about food, from the shopping to the cooking and even clean-up. There’s a magic to the kitchen that I adore.

When I was growing up, my mother instilled in me a passion for the best ingredients I could afford so I could create the most delicious dishes.

I know it can be challenging to find the best items for your pantry in our modern world of cheap, big and compromised ingredients, but that’s where Gold Mine Natural Foods comes in.

With a selection of some of the best quality ingredients they can source, they offer you an affordable way to stock your pantry with some of the most delicious foods in the culinary world.

And now, in partnership with them, I offer them to you. So stock up and happy cooking!

Shipping rates are as follows:

  • Orders up to $30.00 - $9.95
  • Orders $30.01-$40.00 -  $12.95
  • Orders $40.01-$50.00 - $14.95
  • Orders $50.01-$70.00 - $16.95
  • Orders $70.01-$94.99 - $18.95
  • Orders $95 and over - FREE


All shipping is limited to the Continental U.S.