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Christina's Gluten-Free Cookies

I don’t know about you but eating gluten-free cookies has always made me sad. Sure, they look and smell like cookies but then you bite into them and oh, the disappointment!

Well, no more, baby!

After much experimenting with flour blends, flour brands, flour combinations and nearly throwing my oven out the back door, I have come up with, what we at Christina Cooks thinks are some seriously yummy gluten-free cookies!

With no aftertaste from gums (because I don’t use any…), these delicate cookies are as delicious as any cookie you may have enjoyed any time, any place.

Just like my other cookies, these babies were born of my passion for the best quality and best-tasting sweets! With no refined sugars and lots of organic ingredients in each bite, our gluten-free cookies will have you doing the happy dance because your cookies taste like…cookies!

Treat yourself. You know you want them.

Choose one, two, or all three of these yummy varieties:

  • Gluten-free chocolate chip
  • Gluten-free double chocolate chip
  • Gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip

Our cookies are gluten-free but our facility is not gluten-free.

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