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Christina's Cooking Class DVDs

I get hundreds of emails from all over the country from people who want to come to my cooking classes but live in some far-away place. There’s good news, kids! We are now videotaping my Saturday cooking classes at The Restaurant School and making them available on DVD’s, complete with a complete recipe e-booklet.

Now you can cook with me, step-by-step, while following along with the recipes. It’s like having me in your kitchen.

Each DVD includes tons of recipes and special menus (with all the recipes in a convenient, easy to follow e-booklet). Check them out and get cooking!

Title Price
How Sweet It Is $22.90
Festive Cooking $22.90
Summertime… Time To Get Happy! $22.90
Making Over Your Life $22.90
Fresh, Vital Foods for a Fresh, Vital You! $22.90
Lighten Up… It’s Only Your Health! $22.90
The Beat Goes On $22.90
Soy Vey $22.90
Buy 2 DVD's $38.90
Buy 3 DVD's $48.90
Buy 4 DVD's $58.90
Buy 5 DVD's $68.90
Buy 6 DVD's $78.90
Buy 7 DVD's $88.90
Buy 8 DVD's $98.90