Christina's Cooking Class DVDs

I get hundreds of emails from all over the country from people who want to come to my cooking classes but live in some far-away place. There’s good news, kids! We are now videotaping my Saturday cooking classes at The Restaurant School and making them available on DVD’s, complete with a complete recipe e-booklet.

Now you can cook with me, step-by-step, while following along with the recipes. It’s like having me in your kitchen.

Each DVD includes tons of recipes and special menus (with all the recipes in a convenient, easy to follow e-booklet). Check them out and get cooking!

Title Price
The Beat Goes On
Soy Vey
How Sweet It Is
Festive Cooking
Summertime… Time To Get Happy!
Making Over Your Life
Fresh, Vital Foods for a Fresh, Vital You!
Lighten Up… It’s Only Your Health!
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