Anthony’s Italian Coffee House Coffee

I spend a lot of time in Italy, working and hosting groups of happy tourists, sharing with them my love of the culture, history and food of my beloved ‘bell paese’.

I confess that in all of the time I have spent there, I have become a bit of a coffee snob, constantly longing for the smooth strong espresso I associate with Naples.

And then I found the espresso at Anthony’s Italian Coffee House right here in South Philadelphia. With a rich history that dates back four generations, dating back to 1906 when young Tomasso Anastasio came from Sicily to Philadelphia in search of a better life. With a pushcart of fruit and vegetables, he thrived on S 9th Street in what is known as the Italian Market (the oldest year-round open market in America). With a dedication to family, culture and tradition, the business grew along with the Anastasio family and in 1995, Anthony Anastasio, great-grandson of Tomasso, took over the shop on 9TH Street, opening an authentic Italian-style coffee house where he serves up the finest of Italian coffee blends, from espresso to cappuccino. Anthony’s remains a family-run business dedicated to the quality, tradition and culture that makes Italy so very special.

I spend a good amount of time on S 9th Street, buying from local merchants and vendor and I always make time for an espresso at Anthony’s. 

And now, you can create the same coffee tradition right in your own home. 

Shipping rates are as follows:

  • 2 lbs any variety whole bean or ground - $12.00 
  • 4 lbs any variety whole bean or ground - $14.00

All shipping is limited to the Continental U.S.