Amalfi Coast Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italy is most famous for pizza, pasta, wine and of course…olive oil.  And when it comes to olive oil, every region of this amazing country creates its own unique oil.  To mention just a few, in Tuscany we get an olive oil that tastes of the earth and the vine as it hits the back of your throat, in Puglia, we get a smooth, velvety oil that leaves a wonderful lasting flavor on the tip of your tongue; and in Amalfi, famous for growing lemons on the same land as the olive groves, we get a more fruity and mild tasting oil.  All are equal when it comes to quality, the rest is really a matter of taste, and how you may be using it.

We have had the good fortune to work with some of the loveliest people in Ravello when we host groups. The Cioffi family owns and operates the Villa San Cosma Country House (our Ravello home when we travel there with guests). They are also the some of the geniuses behind this amazing olive oil that is so characteristic of the region. It seems that no meal is complete if it’s not made with, and finished with their own olive oil.

Now you too can enjoy this wonderful olive oil experience from Villa San Cosma on the Amalfi Coast as I am importing it so I can offer it directly to you.

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