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The Soy Story (and how it relates to your thyroid…)

From Christina: I am asked about soy and thyroid all the time so I thought I would go an expert on the topic, my great friend, Andrea Beaman. Here are her thoughts on soy. I hope this helps clear things up for you all.

Always Read the Nutrition Label

By Dr. Miranda Graham | The Vegan MD

The healthiest food you can get will always be from the produce section at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. However, in the era of high-stress jobs and familial responsibilities that don’t always leave time to make everything yourself from scratch, learning how to properly read food labels to make sure that you are making the best choices out of what is available to you is a must. 

The Minimalist Kitchen

I hate gadgets. I’m glad that’s off my chest. From


Okay, I admit that Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It involved dressing up in costume, lots and lots of sweets and…it kicked off the holiday season with glitter and glamour that is unrivaled.


Then I adopted a healthy lifestyle and it all fell apart. Truthfully. As I work in the mission I love…and I do love my work, I discovered that giant bowls of mini-Kit Kats just didn’t cut it anymore. I simply couldn’t hand out “poison” to all those adorable kids.


Cooking Rules

The simple act of cooking. It has taken on meaning that we can barely fathom anymore. Is it a colosseum-type sporting event with chefs running around a kitchen cooking sea urchin and circus

Our Little Ones

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Childhood Obesity Awareness Month so let’s talk about our kids and their wellness, shall we?


I’ll start this article by saying that I don’t have kids. I always say when other young women were getting married and having babies, I was getting married and healing from cancer.


What['s Going on with Our Colons?

What’s Going on with Our Colons?

The news was big…and somber…and apparently, shocking for many people, including experts.


Get Pickled!

It’s all the rage. It seems everyone is fermenting something and extolling the virtues of fermented foods.


That includes me.


So let’s talk fermentation, shall we? Is it really all that?


Living Like An Italian…for a Little While Anyway

It feels like a moment ago that we landed in Rome, jetlagged from an overnight flight, but eager to welcome our guests, friends and family to another epic adventure in Italy.


Converging on Albergo Santa Chiara, ( a gorgeous boutique hotel, perfectly situated behind the magnificent Pantheon, we could easily walk to see all the wonders of Rome…from The Vatican and its museums to the best pizza and gelato. We were in the heart of this glorious city.


Bashful bananas

I have to tell you, bananas are not my favorite fruit…sorry.  It’s not the flavor…they’re sweet, so that’s good, right. It was purely a texture thing; they’re too soft or gushy, as I called them as a kid.


So ignore my food foibles and discover the benefits these beauties bring to your wellness for yourself. Bananas are said to be one of the most sensually delicious fruits and a powerhouse of nutrition. They cannot be ignored.