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Olive Oil and Your Heart

People who follow a Mediterranean diet have a better quality of life and a longer one. You read right: according to research, people who eat a Mediterranean type diet live better and longer.



Are you as fed up as I am?


As we start the New Year, my hope is as shiny as the tinsel on the tree. I practically vibrate with the aspiration of a healthy year.


And then I read the news or turn on the TV and watch ads for junk food and I realize that nothing has changed. Nothing will change…unless we change it.


The Pomp of Pomegranates

When I was a kid, the only thing that helped me get over the passing of Christmas was the appearance of what my grandfather called “Chinese apples.”  I couldn’t wait until he pried the bright red skin open, revealing the tiny jewel-like

Can Vegetables Be Our New Meat?

It’s been a bad time recently for meat-and meat eaters. Everywhere they turn, they are faced with studies telling them meat kills, experts advising to quit meat and contaminated meat recalls. Everywhere, knives and forks are paused over juicy pieces of animal shank in hesitation.

Cranberries for A Healthy Holiday Glow

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, our thoughts turn to family gatherings and tradition.  Okay, the pressure of holiday shopping is foremost in our thoughts, but stay with me on this little ‘Currier and Ives’ vignette for just a minute. 

One of the holiday season’s greatest pleasures comes in the form of feasts…from parties to brunches to formal dinners. Gathering around the table is one of the loveliest ways to celebrate pretty much anything but at this time of year, it’s particularly sweet.

Let Go…and Do Good

I am not a big fan of clutter or accumulating what we don’t need so the rule in our house goes like this: “Have you use this in six months?” If the answer is no, then we let whatever ‘this’ is go—to a charity, a shelter or a relative. We let go and do good.

Happy Healthy Holidays

I spent a few weeks working in Sicily this past summer and was struck by how healthy Italian living feels with its slower pace and relaxed lifestyle. Italians approach life much differently than we do. They’re less concerned with how quickly they can get through a meal, instead savoring each bite with relish. Sure, fast food is making inroads there, but most Italians love food too much to succumb to the siren song of junk food.

The Soy Story (and how it relates to your thyroid…)

From Christina: I am asked about soy and thyroid all the time so I thought I would go an expert on the topic, my great friend, Andrea Beaman. Here are her thoughts on soy. I hope this helps clear things up for you all.

Always Read the Nutrition Label

By Dr. Miranda Graham | The Vegan MD

The healthiest food you can get will always be from the produce section at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. However, in the era of high-stress jobs and familial responsibilities that don’t always leave time to make everything yourself from scratch, learning how to properly read food labels to make sure that you are making the best choices out of what is available to you is a must. 

The Minimalist Kitchen

I hate gadgets. I’m glad that’s off my chest. From