It’s National Smile Month!

What a gorgeous idea had by the UK several years ago when they dedicated this month to dental health.  And while the health of our choppers is paramount to our wellness, I think we should also dedicate this month to the act of…smiling!

We see the bumper stickers all the time: Practice random acts of kindness. What if this month, we made an extra effort to smile? What if not one stranger passed us on the street that didn’t receive one our radiant grins?

Think about it. You’re hurrying down a city street or a hallway at work and suddenly, someone passes and…smiles. You feel a warmth in your chest and you feel your own face break out into a silly grin.

We have so many problems and there are so many serious situations in our divided and contentious world. Politics are ugly; the environment is in jeopardy; injustice is rampant. We can wallow in misery or we can try to lift ourselves out of depressing reality by smiling.

Okay, it’s a stretch on some days when mustering up a grin takes all our strength and grace. Do it anyway. Force yourself to smile. At first, you will feel silly, but then a light will go on inside you and smiling at everyone will become as natural as breathing.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be thought of as a bit ‘touched’ because I smile all the time as opposed to the Ebenezer of my friends and loved ones.

Random acts of joy that begin with a simple smile can change the world. Give it a go and then come back and tell me all about how it went for you? Do you find your days easier when you smile?

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