It’s National Nutrition Month! It’s National Nutrition Month!

It's National Nutrition Month. Eat Your Veggies!

With the herald of spring, we Americans also celebrate National Nutrition Month, thirty-one days encouraging everyone to (according to, “adopt eating and physical activity plans that are focused on consuming fewer calories, making informed food choices and getting daily exercise in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote overall health.”


A noble purpose.


And with articles like “20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables” the organization is certainly on the right track in helping to educate us about the impact of food on health and wellness.


As we always have, we at Christina Cooks will be bringing you the best nutrition information we know, peppered with some seriously reliable ancient wisdom, used by people before we needed articles like “20 Ways to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables.”


My hope is to challenge you; inspire you and educate you so that each choice you make is rooted in information, not myth or urban legend…nor will the information be tainted by the interests of some lobby group whose sole purpose is to entice you to eat more of whatever it is they’re selling.


The Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released amid controversy as the federal government strongly recommended eating less meat, a finding they were forced to walk back after special interest pressure. However, each updated version of the guidelines places more of a focus on healthy eating as it is becoming increasingly clear that we are losing our collective health. This most recent version seems quite different as plant-based eating is strongly encouraged; attention is paid to the impact of our food choices on the planet; the reduced consumption of sugar is a focus as is a reduction in the amount of animal foods consumed.


Just how great an impact on our eating patterns the new guidelines will have remains to be seen, because it’s not special interest groups alone who will determine the success or failure of these important new guidelines. It’s us. It’s always us. If we don’t pay attention to some of this new (and very good) advice, then the guidelines will mean nothing. If we, as consumers don’t embrace this healthy approach to food and demand better, then restaurants, food companies, manufacturers and retailers will keep on doing what they always have done, with little regard for healthier options.


I get it though. No one wants to be told what to eat and how to be healthy. We all have our ways to achieve that. We do, right? While my head is filled with ideas, tricks, tips and recipes for making better, more informed choices, I want to hear from you as we always do.


How do you incorporate more plant-based foods into your life?


Do you blend grated zucchini into your brownie batter?


How do you interpret labels and avoid ingredients you don’t want to eat (like GMO’s)?


And I’ll want your best and yummiest meatless dishes to showcase since this month we celebrate The Great American Meatout on March 20.


So get ready, kids. It’s going to be a wild march through March and over the next weeks, we will work together to make this our healthiest…and most delicious spring yet!

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