Listening In the Kitchen

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  It’s my job. I love every second of it.  Having worked as an artist in my earlier years, I love the creative outlet I have always found in cooking--developing recipes, creating beautiful presentations, discovering new combinations of food and of course, always discovering how the energies come together to create the dance of life.

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month

If you watch television for more than 30 seconds, you’ll see an ad for a diabetes drug, with discouraging language for people trying to manage this lifestyle disease on their own. The implication is clear. You can’t manage Type 2 diabetes with diet and lifestyle alone. You need whatever drug is being featured to regain control.

Have vegans given themselves a bad rap?

At the time of year when we are thinking about gratitude and compassion, this weighs heavy on my mind. I was talking to someone I love and adore, respect and admire. I was so upset after our conversation I thought my head would explode. Maybe it’s me, but the attitude he displayed showed me arrogance underneath the supposed compassion he professed.

Cooking for One…You’re Worth It

In the kitchen, one can be a lonely number. There’s leftover fatigue or the sad bowl of cereal for dinner – again-rather than cooking. On top of that, spending time making a dish that requires pans and utensils isn’t worth it when it’s just you eating, right?


The Care and Feeding of Our Breasts: Series Post 2 of 2

Could it be that the key to minimizing our risk of breast cancer begins in the kitchen?

While I have talked about this for years, research is beginning to prove just that. We can eat our way to the lowest risk of breast cancer, deliciously. Remembering that genetics play a role in our risk, we can take matters into our own hands and protect our breasts with the foods we choose to eat.

The Care and Feeding of Our Breasts: Series Post 1 of 2

We hear about it every day. Women are diagnosed with a cancer that attacks the very symbol of our womanhood. From the rich and famous to the not so much, it seems no one is immune or safe from breast cancer. The numbers are staggering.

Ciao Amici!!!

As I traveled in Italy for the month of July, it occurred to me just how easy and delicious it was to eat well and stay healthy…even when you’re on holiday. Vacations aren’t an excuse to abandon all commitment to health while you lose your mind (or wellness) eating and drinking to excess. But don’t worry, it certainly doesn’t have to be deprived either.
See, living a healthy life is not a fad. You choose it. And once you have made the choice and have reaped the benefits, it becomes the way you live. It’s not a diet or a ‘thing’ you’re into at the moment.

Healthy Travel

It’s that time of year. We hop in the car or head to the airport to enjoy some well-earned downtime to chill with friends and loved ones…a time to refresh our bodies, minds and souls so we can take on the adventures of life with serenity and grace.

We've talked about healthy road trips and the best ways I know to ensure your health and vitality when you’re driving around this great country of ours…or any other country.

...Road Trip!!!!

Summer means strappy sandals, t-shirts and sundresses; long weekends picnicking at the beach and…road trips!!!!

But wait. Can those of us dedicated to healthy living survive out there on the road and return home with our health intact?

Yup…as long as we know how to sidestep some potential landmines lurking along the road.

In the Garden

It’s that time of year. As I type this, I am looking out my window into my little city garden just overflowing with life. A couple of days of seasonable warmth followed by some soaking rain has created a haven of green lushness…my mint is poised to overtake the space with my heirloom grape tomato plants shooting to 4 feet in height, heavy with blossoms. My