Summer Skin, Baby

The days are longer, the sun higher, the breezes warmer. It’s almost here…the crazy days of summer. Are you ready? I’m sure you’re fit and fine, psyched for sun dresses, tee shirts and shorts and flip flops. I know I am.

But what about your skin? Is it ready to shine? Is it naturally gorgeous?

Let’s face it; we know the deal with chemical additives in our skincare products, but we all want to look as good as we feel and that begins with gorgeous skin.

No Bones About It

It seems that each month, we work to create awareness of another illness that is plaguing our modern lives. We host runs, walks and any number of events to raise money for research to find the cure for disease after disease. We struggle and struggle but no answers or 'cures' seem to come, right?

Osteoporosis is a modern plague of both men and women. I know this one. I lived through it with my husband who was diagnosed with the bones of an 86-year-old man at the age of 48.

The World’s Healthiest Diet

When I heard that it was International Mediterranean Diet Month, it made me stop what I was doing and reflect on that for a minute or…10 (as they would in the languidly paced Mediterranean).

When we think of the Mediterranean we think of azure blue seas and leisurely days. I think of robust feasts served in olive orchards on one of our many trips to Italy with family and friends. With the table groaning under the weight of freshly cooked whole grains, beans and seasonal vegetables prepared in wildly simple and imaginative ways, I am transported there.

It’s National Smile Month!

What a gorgeous idea had by the UK several years ago when they dedicated this month to dental health.  And while the health of our choppers is paramount to our wellness, I think we should also dedicate this month to the act of…smiling!

We see the bumper stickers all the time: Practice random acts of kindness. What if this month, we made an extra effort to smile? What if not one stranger passed us on the street that didn’t receive one our radiant grins?

Loving Your Liver

Truly warm days of summer seem a distant dream at the moment, but there is a shift in the energy around us. You can feel it if you really pay attention. The sun feels warmer; the buds more visible on tree branches; the nights seems a little less frigid. 

The Joy of Cooking…Redux!

When I was a kid, we “ate out”…in a real restaurant once a year…on my mother’s birthday. It was her day not to cook. We ate at the same Polynesian restaurant each time as she loved what she considered their exotic food.


Otherwise, she cooked. Or I cooked. Or my Nonna cooked. Or an aunt, uncle or cousin cooked. Regardless, we cooked and ate at home.


Pizza night? They made the dough and the pizzas.


Onion rings or French fries? They made them from scratch.


Cookies? Baked in our kitchen.

Our Glowing Skin

Our skin...soft, smooth, dewy—our pride and joy or the plague of our beauty regime. Never is this more obvious than in the spring when our winter-weary skin must face the light of day. For some of us, the thought of going sleeveless is too much to bear as we know our skin will be dull and lifeless, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I Want an Easter Egg!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon character was Bugs Bunny. In one episode of Looney Toons, he ran around yelling “I want a Easter egg! I want a Easter egg!” It cracked me up and I ran around our house yelling it all of the Lenten season. You can imagine my mother’s delight!

So here I am grown and mature (right…) and I still love an Easter egg.

I make delicious Easter eggs every season using my favorite Peanut Butter Cup recipe.

Fitness Redux

When I began my vegan macrobiotic practice 35 years ago, my life was on the line. I changed everything about my life to regain my health. I walked away from the foods and lifestyle that I believed had helped create my condition of illness. I ditched vegan junk food, started cooking whole grains, beans and lots of seasonal veggies. I stopped working out strenuously. I had always been fit, but training and fitness were some of the last things on my mind at this critical juncture. I left my beloved gym behind to focus on cooking and staying alive.

Planting Your Future

I don’t know about you, but as spring begins to spring, my thoughts turn to dirt. Yup, dirt. I think about my little city garden and how may flowers and food plants I can cram into containers and in raised beds.