Love the Skin You're In, Baby!

Women spend a staggering $426 billion on beauty products each year:  shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dry shampoo, face wash, facial scrubs, tea tree oil, shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes, whitening toothpastes, serums, body lotion, face lotion, primers and toners.


When it comes to beauty and appearance maintenance, it can feel like there’s no limit to how much we will spend. There’s always a new miracle product that promises us clear skin and eternal youth.


This Old Yankee Had a Cutting Board

It was a blazing hot summer day and I was about to do a cooking demo for the Newport Mansions Food and Wine Festival.


A man with sparkling eyes and a baseball cap walked slowly toward me. Slowly because he was seriously encumbered by the weight of an enormous cutting board on his hip that threw his balance completely off.


Actually, This Is the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer!

I love my knife. There; I said it in my outside voice. I love my knife the way women love their shoes…with all my heart.


The affair began about 20 years ago when Robert gave me a Kyocera KyoTop ceraminc knife for Christmas. At first, I was skeptical. This knife was light as a feather. Surely, it couldn’t be serious. By the end of Christmas Day’s cooking, you had to pry it from my hand so I would stop slicing and dicing.


My Dolce Vita

A month at both work and play in Italy is pretty sweet.


Now I’m back at home, looking out my kitchen window over my little city garden, my fig tree, heavy with fruit, dreaming of my weeks in Italy and missing that slower, more natural (for me) lifestyle.


So I have decided to share memories of my little adventure with friends and loved ones and post pics and recipes from our month living the sweet life.


Protecting Your Peepers This Summer

As the days heat up, so do our bodies. We sweat more easily to stay cool. We drink more water to stay hydrated. We rest more. We wear sunscreen.


But how do we protect our precious peepers in the hot, sometimes humid weather?


So easily…and naturally as well!


Cool as a Cucumber

Social Media Day?

Who knew this was a thing? Seems to me we need a day when we take a wee respite from it and hang out with Mother Nature, no gadgets, phones, tablets, e readers, televisions or computer.


Smile and the World Smiles with You!

We all know the power and magic of a smile. We have all basked in the warmth that radiates from someone’s grin when directed at us.


A smile…that silent hello as you pass by a stranger leaves you feeling touched by love. A smile signals acceptance, encouragement and gratitude. A smile can calm anxieties and fears. A smile lets someone know that you care. A smile opens the door to your heart.


A smile tells people they’re valued and that you see them…really see them. Smiles are morale boosters and confidence builders.


Make Life Beautiful Today!

There's an official day to make life beautiful. The official description of this lovely idea reads: “It is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful.  Whether you’re creating beauty through building relationships or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can lead to a ripple effect, making life beautiful not just for yourself, but for those around you, too.” Too bad it's only one day...but does it have to be so?


Summer Skin, Baby

The days are longer, the sun higher, the breezes warmer. It’s almost here…the crazy days of summer. Are you ready? I’m sure you’re fit and fine, psyched for sun dresses, tee shirts and shorts and flip flops. I know I am.

But what about your skin? Is it ready to shine? Is it naturally gorgeous?

Let’s face it; we know the deal with chemical additives in our skincare products, but we all want to look as good as we feel and that begins with gorgeous skin.

No Bones About It

It seems that each month, we work to create awareness of another illness that is plaguing our modern lives. We host runs, walks and any number of events to raise money for research to find the cure for disease after disease. We struggle and struggle but no answers or 'cures' seem to come, right?

Osteoporosis is a modern plague of both men and women. I know this one. I lived through it with my husband who was diagnosed with the bones of an 86-year-old man at the age of 48.