Arctic Apples…Why?

I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody messed with our beloved apple. We humans just can’t leave nature alone. Our ability to create and manifest what we imagine infuses us with an arrogance that takes my breath away.

The simple, humble apple is being re-introduced into the marketplace (if the USDA and Okanagen Specialty Fruits have their way…), new and improved. What, you say? How can we improve on the apple, the universal symbol of health and wellness? The fruit that was so perfect, so glorious it was considered the fruit of knowledge in the Bible?

Just When You Think Monsanto Can’t Be More Subversive

“The motto of the world's largest youth organization is “To Make the Best Better.” This is honored by Monsanto as we are proud to share and support the motto of 6.8 million youth, aged 5-21, who are involved in 4-H programs annually.”
-Monsanto’s website

I thought things could not get worse for our kids. When Monsanto and their colleagues on The Council for Biotechnology Information circulated a “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book” to brainwash our children, as they ‘educated’ them about the virtues of GMO’s, I did not think they could sink lower.

But I was wrong.

GMO’s-Playing Roulette with Our Lives

G-M-what’s? GMOs are genetically modified organisms that are engineered in a lab, in petri dishes, without any influence from Mother Nature, and then used to create new breeds of foods (and other living things). DNA and other compounds, like pesticides, are incorporated into organisms for an end purpose. We know little about the long-term effects of these foods on us and the planet.