Summer Salads That Satisfy

As the days heat up, we are less and less inclined to light all four burners, the oven and the grill to prepare our meals. Nor should we!


It’s time to step away from the stove a bit and create delicious, lighter fare to sustain us through the summer weather to come.


Salads can be…salads or they can be interesting, exciting, sexy and oh, so satisfying. Main course salads are easy to make, require very little prep time and can be as varied as you’d like.


Making Vegan Yogurt

I taught a cooking class yesterday all about managing weight and one of the questions at the end of class was about making vegan yogurt, specifically about the starter part of the process.

I confess that I have never been one for yogurt, not ever. My mother adored it and when I was a kid, she was always trying to "sell" me on the idea of how delicious it was. I was not buying it, even when she stirred fresh peaches into it (my fave fruit as a kid). She went through her homemade yogurt phase and waxed on about its freshness and sale for me.

Lighten up Your Lunch

Who doesn’t love a sandwich for lunch? But sometimes the bread and the filling can leave us feeling like we’ve been stuffed like an over-filled pita!


Let’s lighten up our sandwiches so we can continue to enjoy them as the days warm and we want to feel light and fresh! Here are two ideas I just love. How about you?


Roasted Strawberry Toast

What’s Being Vegan Got to Do with It?

I will admit that I have been on something of a long rant these days as I watch junk food being peddled to us as real food and the accompanying pharmaceutical ads (with their breathy disclaimers of side effects) supposed to ward off the impact of these foods on humans.


It’s Almost Like They Want Us to Die

If you watch television, read magazines or scan internet sites for news or any other information, you have seen the ads.


We have tacos with shells made from fried chicken wrapped around meat and cheese. We have burgers with bacon weighing in at 1150 calories. We have breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bacon and sausage. We can choose “healthier” options like eggs, bacon and cheese on some sort of whole grain bread which, I guess should make us feel so much better (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm).


Olive Oil and Your Heart

People who follow a Mediterranean diet have a better quality of life and a longer one. You read right: according to research, people who eat a Mediterranean type diet live better and longer.


The Pomp of Pomegranates

When I was a kid, the only thing that helped me get over the passing of Christmas was the appearance of what my grandfather called “Chinese apples.”  I couldn’t wait until he pried the bright red skin open, revealing the tiny jewel-like

Can Vegetables Be Our New Meat?

It’s been a bad time recently for meat-and meat eaters. Everywhere they turn, they are faced with studies telling them meat kills, experts advising to quit meat and contaminated meat recalls. Everywhere, knives and forks are paused over juicy pieces of animal shank in hesitation.

The Soy Story (and how it relates to your thyroid…)

From Christina: I am asked about soy and thyroid all the time so I thought I would go an expert on the topic, my great friend, Andrea Beaman. Here are her thoughts on soy. I hope this helps clear things up for you all.

Cooking Rules

The simple act of cooking. It has taken on meaning that we can barely fathom anymore. Is it a colosseum-type sporting event with chefs running around a kitchen cooking sea urchin and circus