August 2020

Women, Cooking and the Vote

I know what you’re thinking. You all come to me for my thoughts on food and wellness, not politics. Well, take a deep breath. This isn’t about party or politics. It’s about food, women and the fight we fight every day.

The State of the World

It’s been months now of living and working at home, working unmentionably long shifts as essential workers out in the world or living at home and not working at all. We may be surrounded by family or on our own. We nervously wait in lines to get into the market, the post office, the bank and the gas station. We wear masks. (We do wear them, right?) We have learned to fear other people being in close proximity. We protest injustice, risking close proximity to others in the quest for equality and peace. We search in vain for a way to make sense of this crisis within which we live.

Got Cooking Fatigue?

As we venture out into the post-pandemic world, we are all still cooking. We are, right? I know so many of us are so eager to get back to eating out, but please, my loves, let's not leave the kitchen behind, ok?

I know it's "easy for me to say," since I have cooking baked into my DNA but the kitchen is still where it's at if we are to be metabolically strong enough to fight and in the future.

It's time to, once again, get out of our own way.