May 2020

Managing Life in Uncertain Times

As we slowly emerge from the safe cocoons of our homes and into what can be a scary new world, how can we channel our fear and create happiness in the face of the steep uphill climb that is sure to be our recovery from the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of our lives?

I mean, we all like challenges that help us grow, but this has been ridiculous, right?


Black Garlic, Baby


Keep Cooking

Another month of semi-lockdown and social distancing, no hugs, no kisses. More cooking at home. We may be out of our homes more; enjoying more freedoms, but still…   

I write recipes for a living. I guide people through the potential kitchen disasters that are often inevitable when a dramatic diet change is adopted and new and sometimes unfamiliar ingredients fill your pantry. I encourage people to bail on following recipes precisely and to have fun and cook what’s on hand.

I never thought I would have to take my own advice quite so literally.

Good Morning Weekend

If you’re like me, you’ve had enough of stress recipes, cooking for comfort and indulgence, cooking with pantry staples, cobbling together something that looks like dinner.

I’m tired of crossing the street when another human walks near me. I am tired of wearing a mask.