April 2020


There’s no question. This is bad. Our current struggle (even with a light at the end of this very long tunnel) is out of the realm of imagination for us. None of us, with the exception of missionaries and doctors who have worked with pandemics in other countries has the tools to navigate this. In the past, we watched with horror as films show pandemics decimating the human race. None of us expected to live in it for real. It’s a nightmare from which we can’t wake…not yet.

Italy, Pasta and My Heart

If life were normal, I’d be deep in the planning stages of hosting one of my glorious Italian adventures. Every cell of my body vibrates with the anticipation of jetting off to my beloved Italy. It was with heavy hearts that my husband and I rescheduled our summer holidays on the sunny Amalfi Coast for next June in the hopes that, next year, we will be able to travel to this country we love; hug the people there that we love and soak up the sweet, sensuous energy that is Italy. But the health and safety of our guests is paramount to us, so we are postponing travel for summer groups.

What Now?

I am writing a lot these days; making a lot of cooking videos; and posting them. I love my work. I love connecting with all of you in any way I can. Our little community brings me a great deal of comfort and I hope it does the same for you during these oh, so interesting times.

Earth Day Turns 50

It's Earth Day. I wanted to write today about something that has been on my mind as I work, cook, clean, exercise and self-isolate with my doll of a husband doing what we do as best as we can.

We have reached the place in this twilight zone we now call life where we are becoming a bit brittle, overworked and under-or unemployed. We long to meet friends for a coffee or lunch. We miss hugs. It’s frustrating, this isolation; this separation from each other. Humans aren’t wired for solitude and inactivity (well, most of us anyway).

Failing in the Kitchen

Kitchen failures happen. It’s simply the reality of life when we cook. My very wise macrobiotic cooking teacher once told me that for every great dish there were 100 disasters. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea. Life in the kitchen can be humbling for the best of us so if you suddenly find yourself weeks into cooking three meals a day for the family (or yourself) in an attempt to keep up social distancing, you know that not every dish is worthy of a James Beard nomination.