December 2018

Going Green

I am continually stunned at how out of touch so many of us are when it comes to our impact on our fragile planet. Even when we think we are living more consciously; often…if we really look, we are consuming at an alarming rate. Each and every one of us takes and takes from the planet that gives us life with barely a passing thought as to our impact on her…me included sometimes.


Natural Relief

Backache,headache, sore knees, whatever ails you, pain is a game-changer and we are impatient to be rid of it once it parks itself on our doorstep.


Before reaching for a toxic (and possibly addicting) pain killer, remember that the plant kingdom can have a strong and effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Researchers are looking seriously at natural pain relief and discovering that Mother Nature once again has our backs…and heads…and joints…and tummies…and…


Joint and Muscle Aches

Creating a Happy Life

The more I get to know myself (seems to take a lifetime), the more I recognize what works for my system and what doesn’t; and I don’t just mean food. It has made my choices crystal clear.


If I wouldn’t eat hot dogs, because well, they’re not even food, why would I stress my body with other kinds of toxins?



As I…mature…I am always looking for ways to keep my skin supple and vibrant, naturally. I had been hearing about this ancient skin massage called “gua sha” and decided to check it out. Let me warn you right here. Do not search “gua sha” unless you want to scare yourself silly with photos of an aggressive ancient body massage method that leaves the skin beet red from a method known as “scraping.” Intended to help stimulate blood flow and drain the lymphatic system, this therapy pre-dates acupuncture.

Pasta, Actually

My dear friend and food writer extraordinaire, Jason loves the movie “Love, Actually” so I named this article for him. It was through him that I had the chance to travel to Naples on a whirlwind food tour. Our mission? Pasta. And what a delicious mission it was.