September 2018

To Soy or Not to Soy. That Is the Question

I am asked this question all the time, but I realized that I have never really dedicated an entire blog to the topic of soy and the fear that has been created around this humble bean.


I Couldn't Believe This. You Won't Either

I was just recently described as a badass since, it seems, I speak my mind freely. As I get older, I find that I do it more and more…and more easily at that.


So here I go again.


Many of you know that I LOVE to read my husband’s Men’s Health magazine. I love the fitness tips and workout advice that serve me in my own workouts.


What Does It Really Mean to Be Vegan?

It’s National Vegan Month, which got me to thinking, as these various month-long commemorations often do. Sometimes they evoke a rant from me and sometimes, I want to just ruminate.


What does it mean to be vegan in this modern time? Is it elitist to eschew meat, a cultural phenomenon reserved only for the wealthy? Is it for celebrities looking for their thigh gap? Is it just for people who are dysfunctional around food? Or just for puppy lovers?