July 2018

Is It All Downhill As We Age?

My husband is simply mad for Life Extension, using a number of their products and reading their magazine. Over the years I have fallen for this company as well, with their impeccable research.  So when I saw an interview in the latest issue called “Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging” I was intrigued.


What's Up with Fatigue?

I hear it all the time. It seems everyone I meet is tired. It gets me to wondering what’s up with that?


Now I get that many of us are over-scheduled and work hard. I get it. I work hard, too, running three small businesses, teaching all over the globe, writing and staying fit, while cooking and cleaning. I truly do understand hard work.


Each night, I fall into bed, exhausted from my day’s adventures. I wake up, ready to go again. Many of us don’t and I’d like to talk about why that might be, since it seems to be so prevalent in our culture these days.