February 2018

What’s Being Vegan Got to Do with It?

I will admit that I have been on something of a long rant these days as I watch junk food being peddled to us as real food and the accompanying pharmaceutical ads (with their breathy disclaimers of side effects) supposed to ward off the impact of these foods on humans.


Coffee for a Cause

If you’ve known me for more than three seconds, you know I love coffee, from the shape of the sexy little beans to the seductive aroma that calls me by name as I walk by coffee shops in the city. It’s my own personal siren song. I’ve learned to control my demon coffee cravings, but when I heard about Caffe di Causa or Coffee for a Cause, being sponsored by my good friend, Anthony Anastasio, owner and genius

It’s Almost Like They Want Us to Die

If you watch television, read magazines or scan internet sites for news or any other information, you have seen the ads.


We have tacos with shells made from fried chicken wrapped around meat and cheese. We have burgers with bacon weighing in at 1150 calories. We have breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bacon and sausage. We can choose “healthier” options like eggs, bacon and cheese on some sort of whole grain bread which, I guess should make us feel so much better (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm).