June 2017

Bashful bananas

I have to tell you, bananas are not my favorite fruit…sorry.  It’s not the flavor…they’re sweet, so that’s good, right. It was purely a texture thing; they’re too soft or gushy, as I called them as a kid.


So ignore my food foibles and discover the benefits these beauties bring to your wellness for yourself. Bananas are said to be one of the most sensually delicious fruits and a powerhouse of nutrition. They cannot be ignored.  


The Epitome of Summer…Tomatoes

What’s summer without

Baby, It's Blueberry Season

Baby, It’s Blueberry Season

Time to Play

With summer in full swing, it's prime play time. I don’t know about you, but I drain every drop of fun in the sun out of this all-too-short season.


As usual in June and July, I will be running around Italy at work and play for most of this glorious month, exploring various sights and treasures of this gorgeous country, hosting a group in Tuscany and then chill-axing with friends on the Amalfi Coast before returning to reality for the month of August.


The Beauty of Basil

One of my favorite things about summer is not the beach or long lazy afternoons in the sun or even the explosion of color and perfume in my flower garden. 


The Carb Dilemma

I took my inspiration for this blog from my pal, Kris Carr. Both of us were surprised that people were still sooooooooo confused about whether or not to eat carbs. We thought that thinking was so yesterday. But since it’s not, I’m taking a page from her playbook and giving you the best info I can on carbohydrates and why we should be eating them…depending on the carb, of course.


So thanks, Kris for making me think about this topic again (and do my homework so I can give the best info I can).