September 2016

Imagine a World without Soda

My husband and I travel a lot for our work, as well as with family and for pleasure. We see a lot of sights…and stop at a lot of rest stops along the highways.


The other day, as we sat enjoying homemade sandwiches at a sunny picnic table, my heart broke at what I saw. Walking toward me was a group of people, all with large sodas in their hands. They could barely move. It appeared that each step was pure agony for them.


Get Your Pink On and Open Your Wallet...Again

It’s October, girls, so gird your loins! We’re about to get pinked! You’ll see the color everywhere from tee shirts to ribbons, kitchen appliances to running shoes, all designed to raise money for breast cancer research.


I am so confused and “over it”, to be honest. After all the suffering, loss and disfiguring of millions of women, I would hope that we would be further along. But we still offer treatments that have debilitating side effects and increase our risk of other diseases like metabolic syndrome.