March 2016

Our Glowing Skin

Our skin...soft, smooth, dewy—our pride and joy or the plague of our beauty regime. Never is this more obvious than in the spring when our winter-weary skin must face the light of day. For some of us, the thought of going sleeveless is too much to bear as we know our skin will be dull and lifeless, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I Want an Easter Egg!

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon character was Bugs Bunny. In one episode of Looney Toons, he ran around yelling “I want a Easter egg! I want a Easter egg!” It cracked me up and I ran around our house yelling it all of the Lenten season. You can imagine my mother’s delight!

So here I am grown and mature (right…) and I still love an Easter egg.

I make delicious Easter eggs every season using my favorite Peanut Butter Cup recipe.

Luscious Leeks

Cooking with

Fitness Redux

When I began my vegan macrobiotic practice 35 years ago, my life was on the line. I changed everything about my life to regain my health. I walked away from the foods and lifestyle that I believed had helped create my condition of illness. I ditched vegan junk food, started cooking whole grains, beans and lots of seasonal veggies. I stopped working out strenuously. I had always been fit, but training and fitness were some of the last things on my mind at this critical juncture. I left my beloved gym behind to focus on cooking and staying alive.

Planting Your Future

I don’t know about you, but as spring begins to spring, my thoughts turn to dirt. Yup, dirt. I think about my little city garden and how may flowers and food plants I can cram into containers and in raised beds.

St. Patty’s Day

I grew up with a mother who was seriously proud to be Italian. Seriously proud. She loved the cliché that there were two types of people in the world: Italians and people who wished they were Italian.

But on one day each year, she celebrated my Irish father. St. Patrick’s Day was his day (even though she sent us kids to school with “Kiss Me, I’m Italian” buttons on our coats). We listened to Irish crooners sing “Danny Boy” until we cried. My dad told the story of St Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland with typical Irish flair. It was quite the thing.

Paleo-Should We Really Eat Like Cavemen?

I have to say that of all the dietary extremes we humans adopt on our quest for health and fitness, the Paleo or caveman diet concerns me the most. I decided to write about this because it seems to me that there’s a lot of misinformation—and marketing—behind this dietary approach. Once again, people are confused.

Developed by Loren Cordain, PhD, a researcher from Colorado State University, who began doing studies in the 1970s, the paleo diet is billed as the way humans were genetically designed to eat.


Winter drags on with February behind us and spring on the horizon, but it’s cold and most of us are over it. I know I am. We can become cranky and not as luscious as we usually are, right? Some of us regret not taking that island holiday over the holidays, our toes in tropical sand; the warm breezes relaxing our tense shoulders. As though that would have helped with our stressful lives. Maybe it would have, but the truth is pretty simple.

The DARK Act

With all the talk about the DARK Act (HR1599)seeing the light of day in the Senate after easily passing in the House, I thought it might be time for us to become educated on this potentially game-changing legislation. We need to fully comprehend what is at stake here and why it’s so important to let your representatives know that you want food labeled with or without GMO ingredients so you can decide for yourself if you want to consume them.

Get Your Glow On

How do you maintain a demeanor of calm, serenity in the world we live in? To say it's been a heck of a time since March of 2020 would be a laughable understatement. We are more than a year into the pandemic, with lockdowns, restrictions, masks and social distancing as our new normal for now.