November 2015

An Apple A Day

As the cold weather continues to march toward us and autumn is in full blush, is there anything that lifts your spirits quite like crisp, juicy apples spilling out of the bins of the local markets?  Apple pies, turnovers, or cobblers, baked, stuffed, sautéed or simply enjoyed in their simple exquisiteness, apples are the epitome of autumn.

A Week of Lunches

I know what you’re thinking. How boring. Brown bagging lunch every day to the office and sitting at your desk while you eat it.

No way, baby. Homemade is far from ho-hum. Look at it this way. If you work outside your home, as many of us do, you’re also eating lunch outside the home several days a week. That can get expensive and pack on unwanted pounds because you don’t actually know what’s in your food.