August 2015

Label.ology: Reading and Understanding Labels Product Names

How to Read a Label
Lesson 5

Don’t let product names fool you.

Label.ology: Reading and Understanding Vitamins and Minerals

How to Read a Label
Lesson 4

The next part of the label reveals the vitamin and mineral content of the food item you are considering. The FDA requires listings on calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C, but not others. Manufacturers often add other listings of percentages, like folic acid, potassium or magnesium if the product contains significant amounts of the nutrients in question, knowing they are important to consumers.

Label.ology: Reading and Understanding Ingredients

How to Read a Label
Lesson 3

Let’s talk ingredients. We see the lists on packages and sometimes they read like Russian novels. How could all those substances be in one food and be good for us? Of course you know I am going to say the fewer ingredients the better, but what about the ingredients themselves? How do we know what’s what?

The Art of Canning

It’s that time of year. Your

Label.ology: Reading and Understanding Calories, Fat, Protein, Sodium…

How to Read a Label
Lesson 2

The next part of the label includes information concerning fat content and type, amount and type of carbohydrates, protein, sodium, fiber, and sugar. It’s important to note that the FDA now requires the amount of trans fats in products be listed, which is great news. They will be listed with fats and cholesterol amounts.

Label.ology: Ice Cream

The summer is hot. We all want ice cream. It’s a treat synonymous with the season. But is it healthy for us? It can be high in fat, sugar and calories—and stuff you may not want to eat.

Ciao Amici!!!

As I traveled in Italy for the month of July, it occurred to me just how easy and delicious it was to eat well and stay healthy…even when you’re on holiday. Vacations aren’t an excuse to abandon all commitment to health while you lose your mind (or wellness) eating and drinking to excess. But don’t worry, it certainly doesn’t have to be deprived either.
See, living a healthy life is not a fad. You choose it. And once you have made the choice and have reaped the benefits, it becomes the way you live. It’s not a diet or a ‘thing’ you’re into at the moment.

Label.ology: How to Read a Label

I know--duh, right? Don’t you just pick up the package, turn it over, and read? Yes, but you may not know what exactly you’re seeing.

It’s complicated. We are bombarded by conflicting information, buzzwords, health halos and claims being made on packages, so we just chug along, not making changes we know we need to make because we’re not quite sure exactly what we’re being sold…or what to trust.