January 2015

One Healthy Thing - Week 5

Waking Up and Smelling the Toast

The Dairy Myth

Doesn't it seem that for most of us we often have weight loss on our minds? We’ve been told that milk and other dairy products can be helpful in the battle of the bulge.

But is it true?

Just as they successfully sold pork to us as ‘the other white meat,’ marketers are hoping to sell us on the notion that milk and dairy products are the ‘second coming’ of weight loss. You may have thought this fight was over, but read one women’s magazine and you will find a celebrity endorsement of milk as a way to achieve your ideal weight.

Oh, What a Relief It Is

Look out, kids. It’s cold and flu season!


We’ve seen the ads and they make colds and flu seem as terrifying as anything Stephen King can imagine.


One Healthy Thing - Week 4

One Healthy Thing Week 4: Be Nice and Eat Your

Natural Radiant Beauty

Radiance, beauty…that elusive glow that we all seek to achieve.  I would venture to say that we would rather look good than feel good.  Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other.  Like love and marriage, looking great is usually the result of feeling great...and conversely, if you don’t feel well, it’s hard to put your best face forward.

One Healthy Thing-Week Three

It’s almost the middle of January and look at you! You’re glowing with the spark that comes from becoming a proactive creator of your own health and wellness.

With you well on your way, you’re seeing how the little things add up to creating a wholly healthy you. No magic, no rainbows or unicorns or wishful thinking. No ‘what if…’ Simple, logical steps you’re taking to get your act firmly together.

Label.ology: Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) & Petrolatum Liquidium

In this feature, we’re taking labels apart.

It’s important to understand all the stuff that’s in what you buy. Then and only then can you can decide if you want it in your food, on your body or in your home.

So I decided to put all my years of label reading to good use.

Why label.ology? Well, the definition of ‘-ology’, that’s why: “the scientific study of a particular subject.”

Why We Cook

Why do we cook?

Anthropologists tell us that cooking is what ultimately makes us human, differentiating us from other species in that cooking created community. We gathered around the fire…cooking and eating together.

One Healthy Thing - Week 2

See? That wasn’t so bad. One healthy thing, each day, and you already have 4 days of making healthier choices under your belt. Just look at you! You’re glowing…with the pride that comes with doing what’s right for your wellness.
As we move forward into these next days, let’s up the ante just a little bit and challenge ourselves with lifestyle choices that will result in real radiant health.
Everyone tells us that being healthy is easy (including me…) but is it?