December 2014

One Healthy Thing

"The greeting cards have all been sent
The Christmas rush is through
But I still have one wish to make
A special one for you"
Get your act together.
So many of us wake on January 2 filled with...the glow of Christmas past?

Why I Love Kettlebells and You Should, Too

I am a gym rat. It’s my one true vice. Not chocolate or

Happy Holiday Season

I grew up in a wild and crazy Italian and Irish family who seemed to compete for who could yell the loudest or be the most dramatic. We were all about family, food and celebrating.

Tis the Season…To Shop

Every year we struggle with holiday shopping. We want to be conscientious, sustainable; we do not want to consume more than we need. We dread the stampedes at holiday sales at malls. We want to support small businesses. 
In short, we want to feel good about the gifts we give. And we want people to love the gifts we give.
Well, that’s where I come in.

The Oh, It’s Cold…But Wait There’s a Crocus…Here Comes the Sun Series

The holidays will come and go and where will we all be? Happy and healthy or wondering why we did what we did…again. Long winter days provide the perfect encouragement to get in the kitchen and cook healthy, nourishing meals. As winter changes to spring (and it will…not soon enough, but it will…), we can either be strong and vital or sluggish and thinking of detoxes before we face the sunny days of summer. Join me as we cook our through winter into spring with a summer finale that will begin the next season of fun in the sun deliciously!

Easy Weekday Soups to Keep You Warm and Strong

As the holiday season heats up, we get busier and busier…and it becomes more challenging to cook from scratch so we stay strong and healthy.
One of my go-to methods for keeping us on an even keel is to make several varieties of soups and freeze them in portioned containers. I thaw them as I need and serve them with some quickly steamed greens or a salad and some crisp whole grain bread for a light repast that keeps all our burners firing!

Buona Tiramisu


While not really an Italian classic, this yummy dessert has come to be associated with Italian cuisine…right up there with pasta. My version is delish and lighter on the hips.