February 2014

Ya Gotta Love How Special Our Special Interest Groups Are…

I have been away, working in Italy for about a month, so I have spent a few days catching up on email and other office stuff that has built up while I was gone. I tell you this because I might be a little behind the times on this rant, but I don’t think it makes it less valid.

I opened email this morning to find an e-newsletter from my friend Kris Carr of ‘Crazy Sexy’ fame. A lovely, warm and funny woman, Kris is rarely political, so it really got my attention when I saw her write in her newsletter that she was “motivated to get political.”

The Deadly Nightshades…Or Are They?

I grew up in a big, culinarily inspiring Italian family. We cooked, ate, made and drank wine, cooked, ate, tended vegetable gardens, fought, cooked and ate. But I learned everything I know about nourishment from hanging out with these kitchen wizards. If only they knew how well they practiced macrobiotic ideals, they would laugh…and then cook and eat!

Seeds of Life

As the earth thaws and the change in the air we know as spring embraces our winter-weary bodies, I am acutely aware of the rebirth of all life. We emerge, pale faces turned toward the warmth of the sun, feeling fresh and ready for a new world. We dig our hands in the cool, moist soil and begin the process of life that will bloom as our gardens.

The Scoop On Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is one of the most intensely concentrated nutrients. And while it has a very strong taste, very grassy, like drinking the lawn…(kidding…) it can be a healthful addition to one’s diet.

The FDA Says Walnuts Are Illegal Drugs?

I am an avid reader of the magazine Life Extension. I find their articles compelling, no-nonsense and their research impeccable.

In one of their issues, I read an article that made my skin crawl, my hair stand on end and my rage boil over like a too-long simmering stew.

Wait til you hear this one!

Where Does Your Food Come From?

It’s all the rage. Eating organically produced foods, supporting farm markets, CSA’s and eating locally have become as common in our language of food as food itself.

We are all concerned with making a lighter footprint; leaving the world a little better, a little cleaner for our being here. We want to consume fewer resources; create less waste.

Agave, Oy Vey!

To agave or not to agave; that is the question. It seems that everything today creates scandal and confusion…our food, our politics, our neighborhoods, how we exercise and now even our sweeteners, natural and otherwise.

A relative newcomer to the culinary world (but not the world) is agave nectar, processed from the agave cactus. It became quite popular with the raw foods community because it is processed at low heat, but in reality, about 30 degrees higher than most raw foodists would allow.

Celebrating Chocolate

The great Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus christened the cacao tree…food of the gods…and boy, was he right!

GMO’s-Playing Roulette with Our Lives

G-M-what’s? GMOs are genetically modified organisms that are engineered in a lab, in petri dishes, without any influence from Mother Nature, and then used to create new breeds of foods (and other living things). DNA and other compounds, like pesticides, are incorporated into organisms for an end purpose. We know little about the long-term effects of these foods on us and the planet.

Holy GMO’s, Batman! In Artificial Sweeteners, Too?

GMO’s are complex and often confusing. They are ingredients derived from plants whose DNA has been altered with genes from other plants, animals, bacteria or viruses.

Yuck, right?