Actually, This Is the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer!

August 22, 2016

I love my knife. There; I said it in my outside voice. I love my knife the way women love their shoes…with all my heart.


The affair began about 28 years ago when Robert gave me a Kyocera KyoTop ceraminc knife for Christmas. At first, I was skeptical. This knife was light as a feather. Surely, it couldn’t be serious. By the end of Christmas Day’s cooking, you had to pry it from my hand so I would stop slicing and dicing.


I have remained monogamous…my lovely ceramic knives are all I have used for all these years. I love and adore each and every one of my knives equally. I currently own 2 chef knives, a bread knife, a vegetable knife, a paring knife and a peeler. Whew!


I use them every…single…day. There’s not a meal I cook, not a snack…nothing that doesn’t get prepped with the sharpest knives in the drawer!


I am so thrilled to offer three sensational knives to you…the Kyotop, which is the knife I use daily, the Chef, which is my ‘travel knife’ and the veggie cleaver which is the workhorse of these babies. I hope you love them as much as I do.


Put Some Sizzle in Your Saute Pan

People send me lots of kitchen tools, cookware and gadgets to try. It’s a great perk of my job. I thought I had seen it all. I love when I’m not right about that.


I was teaching a class at Gold Mine Natural Foods in San Diego and needed a small skillet for a quick job during prep. I grabbed this light as a feather, simply gorgeous skillet (yes, I said a skillet was gorgeous…). I sautéed in it and quickly turned to David Kirchner and asked, “What is this and how do I get one?”


It was love at first sizzle.


The fry pans were by Kyocera, the same geniuses that make the ceramic knives I adore. Turns out, the material used to make those insanely amazing knives is now used to create the fry pans. They’re light, durable, naturally non-stick and simply the greatest skillets I have ever used.


The long elegant metal handles don’t heat up as you cook. The whole pan can be slipped into the oven to finish a dish or bake right in the skillet (okay, then the handles get hot…). They clean like a dream, even if you manage to burn or cause food to stick to the pan. They clean with simple hot water. I rarely even need to use soap to wash mine.


And did I mention that they are crazy affordable?


Like my knives, I use my fry pans every single day in one dish or another. In my view, they are essential to any kitchen. Try them; you’ll fall in love with cooking.