About My Show

About My Show

It seems odd to me that cooking has become an activity of leisure…and one of the top activities for people to engage in when they are on holiday.

The public fascination with food has slowly grown from an interest to an obsession.  Every kind of cooking show from ethnic cooking to food porn is featured on TV.  Daily newspaper articles tell us about the dangers in what we eat or the latest greatest miracle diet that has hit the market.  Every time a celebrity eats a piece of tofu or knocks back a smoothie, a new fad ignites.

People are dazed and confused, overwhelmed with information. The result? We either chase the rainbow, buying the latest coconut/gingko/antioxidant-rich kale liver tonic smoothie  or throw up their hands and order a pizza.

For me, cooking is life. Learning to cook allows you to give the gift of life to all your loved ones.

On Christina Cooks, it’s not so much about how to prepare delicious recipes (although that’s fun). I prefer to give you information that will allow you to make educated decisions when it comes to feeding your loved ones and yourself…all while cooking delicious plant-based recipes. It’s a win-win! 

In this new approach to cooking shows, we bring you right into the classroom, live, with students, just like you. People who want to learn about healthy cooking…for themselves, their loved ones and to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.  You’ll hear their questions…perhaps questions you might well be thinking yourself. You’ll hear my answers.

And the food? We’ll sauté and simmer our way to delicious good health as we prepare dish after dish, using the energy of food to create the lives we want to live…lives of robust well-being and vitality.

From heart health to fitness to diabetes; from everyday meals to special occasion feasts; from cooking to facts and statistics to support all of the ideas presented in class; my show informs and entertains in a very unique way. 

For me, television is simply a bigger classroom. 

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