The Best Vegan Cookie Recipes

Recipes by Christina Pirello

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Almond Cantucci
What? A cantucci recipe without eggs? Yup. We might know these as biscotti, but in reality, these crisp cookies are known as 'cantucci.' With origins ... more

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I have baked for most of my life, from the most elaborate wedding cakes to everyday desserts. These chocolate chip cookies are hands down, my favorite... more

Chocolate Cookies with Coconut
These cookies bring together all the flavors we love in cookies...chocolate, cinnamon and coconut. Avocado oil gives us the most luscious buttery flav... more

Chocolate Walnut Cookies
Chocolate cookies with walnuts are on my top five list of all time favorite desserts. These cake-like versions are richly flavored with a buttery boos... more

Italian Nut Cookies
My mother used to make her version of these luscious cookies, loaded with nuts and drizzled with sweet chocolate. My vegan version is delicious, d... more

Lemon Stars
A yummy, vegan shortbread-like cookie with a hint of lemon flavor for that touch of elegance that makes a simple dessert special. Ingredients ... more

Lemon-Nutmeg Shortbreads
These unique vegan cookies taste buttery and rich, but with no butter. The avocado oil does that job beautifully, thanks so much. And the nutmeg b... more

Linzer Bar Cookies
Love you some Linzer Torte? Then you will adore these vegan linzer bar cookies. 1/2 cup avocado oil 1/2 cup brown rice syrup 1/4 cup barle... more

Mexican Chocolate Drops
Ay, ay, ay...these are some delicious dark chocolate cookies. The chili spice intensifies the chocolate flavor, which is further enhanced by the c... more

Nipples of Venus
This racy little cookie is tender, moist and oh, so sensual. They delight all the senses and are topped with just enough chocolate to leave you wa... more

Nutty Drop Cookies
Oh, man, I love these cookies. Great with a cup of tea on a leisurely afternoon...Yum! Ingredients 1 cup pecan pieces, ground into a coarse me... more

Nutty Short Bread
Shortbread is buttery and delicious, but filled wirth saturated fat and sugar. My version is just as buttery (thanks so much, avocado oil) and lus... more

Baked for Christmas and the New Year for luck, these little ‘honey balls’ are some of the yummiest cookies you will ever taste. A trad... more

The Best Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches
No kidding, the best—ever. Vegan, not vegan, healthy or not, everyone who tastes these says they are the best. Makes 30-36 cookies, 15-18 s... more

The Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies
No kidding, the best—ever. Vegan, not vegan, healthy or not, everyone who tastes these says they are the best. Ingredients 8 tablesp... more