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This is one of those vegan dessert recipes that everyone adores, whether they eat well or live on Twinkies. Easy, richly flavored and completely delic... more

Austrian Chocolate Cake
Want a birthday cake recipe, without all the white flour, sugar and butter that seems to go with one? But do you also want yumminess because, after al... more

Bombshell Blondies
Blondies are just as rich as brownies, but different . . . just like blondes and brunettes. Who has more fun? You decide. Makes 16 bars &... more

Buttery Pecan Shortbread
Shortbread cookies are moist, buttery, and lovely. And loaded with calories and saturated fat. In these cookies, we use a healthier fat and protei... more

Chocolate Almond Cups
Oh, man these little chocolate treats are yummy...and easy...and yummy...and without any dairy or refined sugar and yet, yummy. Ingredients... more

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I have baked for most of my life, from the most elaborate wedding cakes to everyday desserts. These chocolate chip cookies are hands down, my favorite... more

Chocolate Coconut Pecan Tart
I admit this dessert is some work. You will likely reserve it for special occasions. But I have to say that once you make it, you'll realize that it's... more

Chocolate Cookies with Coconut
These cookies bring together all the flavors we love in cookies...chocolate, cinnamon and coconut. Avocado oil gives us the most luscious buttery flav... more

Chocolate Decadence Brownies
And you thought there was no such thing as a great vegan brownie that wasn't loaded with sugar? Here's one to try. Ingredients 1 1/3 cups granulat... more

Chocolate Ginger Cake
I usually prefer only chocolate in my chocolate (okay, some nuts now and then), but the combination of chocolate and ginger is just magical. It someho... more

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte
This luscious, creamy tart has the decadent texture of a cream tart without the dairy. For special occasions, those times when only the best will do, ... more

Chocolate Passion Drops
Nothing inspires passion quite like chocolate, so these sexy little cookies are aptly named. Deeply chocolate-y, soft and cake like, these decadent li... more

Chocolate Red Velvet Cake
Another luscious special occasion cake. Sure, you may not make this for weekday dinners, but come the weekend, when you want a little something sp... more

Chocolate Strawberry Torte
I love chocolate. I love strawberries. Together, they create dessert heaven. In this lovely cake, strawberries are nestled between layers of moist cak... more

Chocolate Walnut Cookies
Chocolate cookies with walnuts are on my top five list of all time favorite desserts. These cake-like versions are richly flavored with a buttery boos... more

Chocolate-Dipped Almond Biscotti
Vegan biscotti; no eggs? Seriously? Seriously...try them and see for yourself. Ingredients 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour 1/2 cup semolina flour... more

Cool Chocolate Mousse
This is so easy, so creamy, rich, and chocolatey, you will make it all the time. You are four ingredients away from a most excellent antioxidant-rich ... more

Decadent Nutty Chocolate Fudge
Who doesn’t love fudge? Who doesn’t hate what fudge can do to your waistline? In this recipe, we combine dark chocolate with spices to... more

Down and Dirty Easy Truffles
These are not totally quick, but they are so easy to make and so delicious. And since most of your time is simply spent waiting for them to set in... more

Fried Bananas in Chocolate Sauce
Oh, yeah, baby. Now we're talking special occasion dessert. Coconut-battered sweet bananas, lightly friedand drizzled with a rich dark chocolate sauce... more

Goo Balls
Chewy, chocolate-y and rich. How can a dessert like this be good for you? The seeds, rich in omega-3, the dark chocolate and the nut butter, of co... more

Goopy Ice Cream Sandwiches
You will not buy any junk food treats after you taste these babies! Ingredients Chocolate Glaze 1 cup non-dairy dark chocolate chips 2 ... more

Hot Fudge Sundaes
Decadent and delicious, this treat will win you raves…and no one will even guess it’s vegan. Makes 4 sundaes Hot fudge topp... more

Mexican Chocolate Drops
Ay, ay, ay...these are some delicious dark chocolate cookies. The chili spice intensifies the chocolate flavor, which is further enhanced by the c... more

Nipples of Venus
This racy little cookie is tender, moist and oh, so sensual. They delight all the senses and are topped with just enough chocolate to leave you wa... more

Nutty Drop Cookies
Oh, man, I love these cookies. Great with a cup of tea on a leisurely afternoon...Yum! Ingredients 1 cup pecan pieces, ground into a coarse me... more

Orange Coffee Cake with Chocolate-Pecan Streusel
This coffee cake is so richly flavored and so delicious, it will be the hit of every brunch. Streusel 1 1/2 cups coconut sugar plus1 tablespoo... more

Orange-Scented Chocolate Cupcakes
These little jewels are so lovely, delicate and scented with orange zest which makes the chocolate so much more chocolate-y. Ingredients 1 1/2... more

Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce
Simple, elegant and smothered in chocolate...the perfect dessert. Ingredients 2 pears, peeled, left whole spring or filtered water 2-3 table... more

The Best Chocolate Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches
No kidding, the best—ever. Vegan, not vegan, healthy or not, everyone who tastes these says they are the best. Makes 30-36 cookies, 15-18 s... more

The Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies
No kidding, the best—ever. Vegan, not vegan, healthy or not, everyone who tastes these says they are the best. Ingredients 8 tablesp... more

Yummy Moist Brownies
These vegan brownies are so rich, so moist, so chocolate-y, people will think you lost your mind and made them the version that's bad for their he... more