Simon Brown

Simon Brown is a best selling author, renowned teacher and healer. His books include, Macrobiotic For Life, Modern Day Macrobiotics, The Feng Shui Bible and The Healer.  Simon is a macrobiotic consultant and teacher living in London, UK.  He began his studies in macrobiotics in 1980 in London and went to the USA to study with Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto and Denny Waxman.  While there, he helped run the Macrobiotic Association of Philadelphia.  Simon returned to London as the director of The Community Health Foundation, the leading macrobiotic center in the UK, from 1986 to 1999; he has served as chair of the Feng Shui Society and Macrobiotic Association and is the founder of Connection Therapy.  To learn more about Simon's services, visit Chi Energy

Photo Credit: Christopher Brown

Macrobiotic Weight Loss

What is your ideal size and weight? The honest answer is we do not know. Using nature as a guide, we would put on weight leading into the winter, and need more fat if we live in colder climates. Fat provides insulation, a store of energy and physical protection for our organs.  Read more

Macro Philosophy 101 - by Simon Brown

Japanese peace activist George Ohsawa started macrobiotics as a philosophy supported by an awareness of foods. The foods focused on a range of natural and whole foods, straight from nature. His book Zen Macrobiotics was published in English in 1960.  The macrobiotic philosophy is made up of a range of ideas that have come from Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Wabi Sabi and European Philosophers.  Read more

Connected to Everything - by Simon Brown

It is interesting to explore how connected we all are. Sometimes I feel so connected it is hard to know where my boundaries are. This usually happens when I feel happy, loving or accepting. Negative emotions bring back those feelings of having a boundary. When I think about it we are literally connected to everything.  Read more

Freedom From Within - by Simon Brown

This is my first blog on this site and I want to introduce myself with a blog that best describes my approach to life and will put all of my future blogs into context. I love to feel free and the easiest place to do this is in my own mind. I feel I have the choice to either shackle myself to certain beliefs or choose to give myself the freedom to have thoughts, knowing that they are part of my own journey through life and as such they will change and evolve.  Read more


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