Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein is chef/owner of the Philadelphia-based vegan catering company and meal delivery service, Miss Rachel's Pantry. When she's not whipping up a wedding buffet, packing weekly dinners or darting down South Philly grocery store aisles like it's Supermarket Sweep, she's scheming ways to move to the middle of nowhere to open a cat sanctuary. For now, she's working towards a comfy veggie restaurant in her neighborhood.

Hungry Vegan on the Go

It happens at the most inconvenient times. A rumbling, followed by shakiness, grumpiness and judgment so clouded, an entire pizza seems like a reasonable portion-size. With lives so busy that we put bodily functions on hold to get stuff done, it’s hard to plan time for a meal - let alone plan the actual contents of it. So, what to do when you’re a hungry vegan on the go, or simply trying to embrace a more plant-based diet? Here are a few tips to change your daily routine minimally, while changing your lifestyle big time.   Read more

Take it Easy - by Rachel Klein

The media is hilarious, isn't it? Ads for pies and stuffing and starches covered in cheese during the the holidays, then commercials for scarcely clad women in workout gear screaming at you to get your fat, shameful butt in shape after all that calorie dense food. Slime ball tactics, huh?   Read more


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