Silit Cookware
Everybody knows I love cooking more than just about anything (except Robert, of course). But what makes cooking a total pleasure?
The right tools. From knives to cutting boards to...cookware. For the last 25 years, I have used Silit cookware every single day.
They are gorgeous, which, frankly, is what attracted me to them. Then I discovered cooking with them is dreamy. Cooking with  Silit cookware will change your cooking world. Strong, durable and healthy, Silit pots and pans will not leave a metallic flavor in your food; its ceramic coating is fused to a solid steel inner core; the craftsmanship is without peer. Trust me, you will love this cookware.

You may never want to leave the kitchen!

Extra-sturdy steel core    
   For optimal heat distribution and storage; saves energy, suitable for all types of stoves
Silargan® interior
  Ultra-hard, ceramic high-gloss surface; nickel-free and anti-bacterial; dishwasher-proof.
Silit ceramic exterior 
   Extremely durable, hygienic and long luster; dishwasher-proof
Glass Lid 
   Made of high-quality heat-resistant tempered glass; ideal for water-reduced, energy-saving full-view cooking.
Flame-shielded plastic handles
  Designed to keep handles cool to touch for your every convenience. 
10 year warranty!