"These Bags Are Vegan Friendly."

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a sense of design and creativity. Perhaps this is the reason why I responded so enthusiastically to an article I read of an interview with Steve Jobs. He commented that when you wake up in the morning and have a creative idea, you need to act on it or it will be lost. His words were an inspiration to me and captured my imagination. 

Thus the J Bag was born. I see the J Bag as an art form that is created from rolls of fabric, all types of fabric, giving it purpose and life. I first sketched the design of the bags on paper and then began creating them into fabric. The design is simple, useful, comfortable and attractive. I personalize each bag by choosing the fabric and color combinations to create a unique J Bag. I even designed my logo, “J,” which is found inside all my J Bags. 

In retirement I use my time sketching new patterns, shopping for new fabrics and sewing at my industrial sewing machine. My wife, Ardene, works with me as the “Lady of the Linings” on her own machine. 

Enjoy my J Bag as each of you are unique as well.

       – John W. Vencius

A Message from Christina:

'I LOVE my J-Bag. For a long time, I have tried out various vegan bags...purses, messenger bags, etc. all in the attempt to have something compassionate and conscious on my arm, but also something beautiful, functional, sophisticated and affordable...a grown-up bag that's accessible to everyone. My J-Bag does it all for me...looks great, holds my stuff in an organized way and is hand-made from all vegan ingredients. It's the perfect bag!'


About J-Bags:
The J Bag has been designed as an all purpose, durable bag. It is a comfortable 13 x 11 x 3 inches. The inside lining includes a zippered pocket on one side. On the opposite side there is a pocket for a cell phone, one for a pen and another pocket for additional items. 

Each bag is completely hand crafted. All materials used are of the finest quality.  The straps are connected to the bags with metal rings. Industrial zippers are used with a metal zipper pull.  A key ring is included within the bag to hold keys.  All bags are treated with Scotch Guard. The straps are adjustable and made of a polypropyline material which ensures durability and comfort.