Start experiencing the Christina Pirello way of life with her whole foods cookbooks! All of Christina's books are more than just "cookbooks". They include guides to vegan living, vegetarian recipes and whole foods cooking tips. Chef, teacher, Emmy Award-winning television host and vocal advocate for healthy living has spelled it all out through six titles that are required reading for everyone trying to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Christina Pirello's Wellness 1000

The deluxe edition of Christina Pirello's Wellness 1000 features the complete text, more than 25 exclusive, original videos featuring cooking techniques, health tips and key nutritional and ingredient information, and more than 70 color photos of dishes from the book.

This collection of more than 1,000 recipes, tips, techniques and health information draws together the best of Christina's work from the last two decades.

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Eat it Anymore!

You CAN take responsibility for your own health, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Understand the causes of this country’s major health problems in Christina's well-researched and accessible account. Take action to total health and wellness with more than 125 recipes, cooking techniques, advice for stocking a pantry, and “makeovers” of family favorites. 

Cooking the Whole Foods Way

(10th Anniversary Edition). An innovative and delicious cookbook that includes great ideas to make wholesome eating an everyday adventure. Healthy cooking without preaching, pretense or preservatives, Christina Pirello takes the mystery out of preparing whole foods. 

This Crazy Vegan Life

Christina's disarmingly funny, contrarian and sincere manifesto is a practical guide to eating vegan and living healthfully. Features a 21-day nutrition and fitness plan, sample menus and more than 100 vegan recipes. 

Christina Cooks Everything
Christina responds to hundreds of questions that viewers and readers have asked over the years with sound, sane advice; hints, tips and techniques; plus loads of great recipes for scrumptious healthy meals with a Mediterranean flair.


You are 30 days away from radiant health and beauty. Get gorgeous from the inside out with "Glow", Christina Pirello's prescription to radiant health and beauty. Christina shows you how to achieve clear skin, lustrous hair, strong nails and glowing good health with a holistic approach to self-care inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. Includes more than 150 recipes and healing home remedies for glowing beauty from within


The title of this book is an acrostic: Beating Osteoporosis Naturally, Easily, Sensibly. With the help of Bernardo Merizalde MD, a change in diet, and without pharmaceuticals, Robert Pirello did more than arrest his osteoporosis: he cured it. Let Robert and Christina Pirello, with Dr. Merizalde MD, show you how strong bones can be yours. 

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