Christina's Cooking Class DVD's
Christina Cooks and You Can Too!

I get hundreds of emails from all over the country from people who want to come to my cooking classes but live in Wisconsin or Iowa or some other far-away place. There’s good news, kids!  We are now videotaping my entire three-hour Saturday cooking classes at The Restaurant School and making them available at a reasonable cost to you. Plus, each DVD comes complete with a complete recipe e-booklet (your DVD’s come to you via mail and we email you the e-booklet). 

So now, if you can't come to classes, you can watch me, step-by-step, while following along with the recipes. You can learn to cook in the comfort of your own home…with me.

Each DVD includes as many as nine recipes and three special menus; and all the recipes in a convenient, easy to follow e-booklet.  The current eight DVD’s available include all of the content from my current 26 episode public television series shot at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.

Check them out and order yours today.

Happy Cooking!