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My Cat- by Jessica Porter

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I am a cat person.  I have a weird cat, named George, who does weird things like lay on my Korean massage bed like a human being .  That’s why I love cats… they’re weird.   Read more

Agave, Oy Vey! - by Christina Pirello

To agave or not to agave; that is the question. It seems that everything today creates scandal and confusion…our food, our politics, our neighborhoods, how we exercise and now even our sweeteners, natural and otherwise.  Read more

Get the Glow - by Christina Pirello

It’s that time of year again…time to start spring-cleaning!  And I’m not talking about the usual scrubbing, dusting and mopping, though I do enjoy a tidy nest!  It’s no secret that good food is integral to health and vitality and spring is a great time to start cleaning things up.  I’ve created a menu of delicious dishes that will help to detoxify and nourish the body and set you on the path to more radiant skin.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your beauty products (hint: they are in the produce aisle) and get glowing!  Read more

State of Nutritional Confusion - by David Leathers

I would safely say that most of our population is totally confused when the topic of nutrition comes up. When did this state of nutritional confusion happen?  Read more

Throwing Money at Diabetes - by Steve Rockstein

If God gives you a choice between cancer and diabetes, pick cancer.  Believe me, by comparison, it’s a cakewalk.  Okay, I understand how offensive that sounds to anyone who has suffered from or lost someone to cancer.  And I am sorry.  Truly.  Please allow me to explain.  Read more

Living in a World of Carnivores - by Fran Abrams

When I first started practicing a macrobiotic lifestyle, I was on my own.  No one in my immediate circle of family and friends had ever heard of macrobiotics, let alone what it meant. And although everyone in my life supported what I was doing, especially because it was for health reasons, no one was ready to dive in and take the plunge with me.  It took me some time to figure out the intricacies of this new diet and lifestyle, particularly the cooking side of things.  It was, in the beginning, very challenging.  Eating miso soup for breakfast, sea vegetables and tofu, not to mention all the grains, was new to me.  And I had to figure out how to cook these new foods and make them a part of my life.  Read more

It's A Colorful Life! - by Christina Pirello

Spring is in the air…and in the garden too!  It’s a wonderful time of year, providing us with a vast array of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.  I’ve created a colorful menu to celebrate the season; it’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.  Enjoy!  Read more

No Labels, Please. - by Christy Morgan

A post that Christina wrote recently reaffirmed my belief that we must embrace all and get rid of our attachments to the labels “I’m vegan,” “I’m macrobiotic,” “I’m a raw fruitarian,” and “I’m a level 5 vegan who only eats what I can pick with my bare hands while naked.”  All these labels do is separate us. They build up our egos and small selves. When these labels get challenged we blow up, we flip out, we see things that aren’t even real and say things that hurt others. I had this experience recently where something I said was taken completely out of context and the person literally flipped out. I’m thankful for that experience because it helped me see how our attachments blind us and push others away.  We are all playing for the same team so let’s support each other!  Read more

Change Your Life with Chia - by Christina Pirello

When you think of chia seeds, you most likely think of the tiny seeds that were the joke of a generation as we slathered them on clay sculptures and gleefully watched the sprouting of ‘green hair’ on Homer Simpson and porcupines.  Read more

Eat Your Way to Better Sleep - by Christina Pirello

We all want a great night’s sleep. Just about every expert will tell you that most of the ills plaguing modern society have some roots in sleep deprivation. Study after study tells us that not getting enough sleep impairs us in the most dramatic ways. New thinking even refers to fatigue as a modern illness. Our 24/7 connected lifestyle might just be increasing our risks for various diseases including cancer and heart disease, not to mention increasing the risk of obesity. So much for all that Facebook time we spend!  Read more

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