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Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year…crisp days, cool nights, autumn foliage…and trick or treat! 

All year we battle marketing as it seduces our kids with junk food in shiny packages with cartoon characters. We reason, cajole, entertain, accommodate tastes…tap dance if we have to…all in the name of keeping our kids healthy.

And in one night…BAM! The battle is lost in a sea of candy wrappers and tummy aches.

Well, since there’s no avoiding the adventure that is Halloween, here are a few recipes for the little…and big kids in your life. I can’t promise they will give up every single piece of candy dropped into their bags, but these treats just might stem the tide and reduce the ‘Halloween Candy Hangover’ effects.  Read more

It's Non-GMO Month

It’s officially fall and the chill is in the air. It will be Halloween before we know it and then full speed ahead into the holiday season.
Each crisp day moves us closer to the cold weather to come and hopefully, to spending more time in the kitchen cooking warming, nourishing meals to keep us toasty all season long.  Read more

Perfect Calm-Down Dinners

Looking for a dinner to wind you down after a hectic day? I share some calming ingredients in this video...  Read more

$27 MillionTo Defeat Your Right To Know

It's crunch time, kids! It's time to stand up to these industry bullies and demand better. We have the right to know what's in our food so we can make an informed choice about what we eat. If we stand by and wait for someone else to take action, we will lose our food supply. It's that simple. Support the people doing the work; use your voice to educate and inform...and vote with your dollar. Sending a clear message that we won't sit idly by and allow our food to be compromised is the only way to win this fight.

Read the article to see what I mean:  Full Article

-Christina  Read more

Top Ten Ways to Beat the Heat

The days are heating up…summer is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o here. And we love every steamy moment of it.

We do love summer, right?

There are ways to eat the help us manage the heat and humidity that is the signature of what seems like one long outdoor party. Choosing your foods wisely at this time of year will help you to stay calm, cool and collected. There’s no reason at all to wilt and wither.  Read more

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Sunday, November 2 - 11AM to 2:30 PM - $30.00
The holiday season is right around the corner and with it…tree decorating, cooking, baking, shopping, gift-wrapping, parties, family get-togethers…and stress.   Read more

KFC Is At It Again

We hear it every day. Our kids are at risk; we are at risk; the planet is at risk. Much of this ‘risk’ can be put down to the food we choose to consume. Experts parade across our television screens telling us to eat real food and skip the junk. Documentaries flood movie screens telling us of the dangers of processed foods.

And then KFC hits us between the eyes.  Read more

Who Has Time for That?

Watching a cooking show the other day, I saw an ad for Marie Callendar pot pies talking about how the crust is made from scratch and the ingredients simmered with love and care. And then the ad said “who has time for that? Marie Callendar, that’s who.” Seriously? Are we going to fall for this yet again?   Read more

Roundup Rip Off

Whenever the episode on GMO’s runs on public television, my office phone rings off the hook and my website blows up with irate people telling me that I don’t know what I am talking about…that glyphosate is an herbicide, not a pesticide; that it won’t harm our guts like it harms the bugs and I should get my facts straight.  Read more

Why We Cook

Why do we cook?

Anthropologists tell us that cooking is what ultimately makes us human, differentiating us from other species in that cooking created community. We gathered around the fire…cooking and eating together.

They also tell us that cooking helped us to pre-digest food, fueling our brains more efficiently, allowing us to evolve into having larger brains with a capacity for creativity and smaller guts since we could spend less time (actual hours) chewing. Once our brains evolved, we became the community of humans we are today, for better or for worse.  Read more

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