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5 Healthy Snacks on The Go - by Christy Morgan
While you are busy running around trying to manage your job, your family and social life, it’s a good idea to have good quality snacks available so you aren’t caught with low blood sugar and running to the vending machine. Ideally, you want a snack that has nutritional value, is low in sugar, and is easy to carry along with you. These 5 snacks fit the bill.  Read more
A Fresh Start for 2010

Well, here we are…the New Year. Don’t let another one pass and find yourself still not making healthy choices…time for change, baby. And with delicious menu plans like this one, how can you resist?  Healthy and delicious? It’s a fresh start, my friends.  Read more

Grandma Was Sooooo Right - by Ken Dill

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It's Time to Rock Your World

Every year it’s the same old thing. This is the year you will: lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, take care of your health, live greener, drink less (or more), be a nicer person. And every year, January comes and goes…and with it our resolve.  Read more

2009 - The Year Food Came Out of the Closet. - by Bill Tara

Everyone seems interested in food again. Not the stuff in the bright packages; not the fried animal parts; not the quick weight loss formula with 100 times the daily requirement of all known nutrients – just plain old food. Those of us of a certain age can remember our mothers or grandmothers getting food. They would squeeze the fruit, smell the vegetables, shake the eggs, poke the meat - they were serious about food. They knew zip about nutrition but they knew that food was supposed to be fresh and whole if it was to cook well and taste right.  Read more

If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned...It’s That You Can’t Avoid A Void. - by Jami Appenzeller

How do you make yourself whole and stay FIT on the inside? What’s deep, piercing, omnipresent, unshakable and invisible? Sadly, for many, the answer to this riddle is a hole in the heart.  Read more

New Year's Resolutions... Who needs 'Em?!?! - by Jami Appenzeller

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Vegan is not a dirty word. - by Jami Appenzeller

Your journey to total wellness is waiting - take baby steps!  To some people the word vegetable, (let alone the word vegan), is rarely uttered these days.  So a vegan lifestyle is not one that’s so readily embraced.  Read more

Wine is food, eat with awareness. - by Steve Rockstein

“It’s made by fermenting grapes” my friend Craig once told me, rummaging through his ‘fridge for the right bottle, “and grapes are food.  Wine is not distilled like whiskey or vodka. Therefore it is food!”  Read more

The Accidental Detox - by Steve Rockstein

The decision to detox, like most important decisions, is a deeply personal one, often mulled over for months.   The concept begins to gel when you notice the toll that our post-modern lifestyle takes, gradually diminishing the body and spirit of that near-perfect person born so long ago.  And once the decision to detox is made, a method must be chosen.  Many have turned to macrobiotics, with its proven track record of disease reversal.  And this is a great option.  But it takes time.  Months.  Years.  And if you are a foodie like me, with an inspired palate, it’s a tough diet to stick with forever.  After five-years of macrobiotics, perhaps the cleanest diet on the planet, the old toxic temptations (coffee, wine, cheese) began to creep back into my life.  Sure, I always bought organic coffee and natural cheeses; that’s how I justified my indulgences, but organic or not, it was still caffeine, alcohol and dairy that I began to dump in my body again.  With time, my energy level waned.  My spirit struggled.  I knew it was time to detox, again.  This time I turned to juicing, accidentally.  Read more

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