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Why Choose Health When You Can Have Dinner in a Bucket? - by Christina Pirello

Walk into a fast food restaurant and look at the menu closely. Your head will spin at the sheer number of options available to wreck your health and accelerate your arrival at the Pearly Gates. They may call it convenient and even more criminally…food, but what they’re really doing is robbing you of your health…and giving you a big, fat gut in the process.  Read more

Ladies Night - by Christina Pirello

Busy work schedules and family obligations oftentimes leave few opportunities for me and my girlfriends to catch up.  But when we do actually get together it feels like we’re picking up, seamlessly, right where we left off.  Mark your calendars to dish with your girlfriends and feast on these Ladies Night treats!



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Red, White and Blue - by Christina Pirello

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it has put me in the mood for a kick-off to summer food fixins.  It’s a great time of year to plan outdoor get-togethers with family and friends, bask in the sunshine, and savor the tastes of summer.  I’ve put together some healthy versions of my family’s recipes celebrating the Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy!


Grilled Soy Sausage with Carmelized Onions
Quinoa Salad
Baked Beans
Warm Potato, Soybean, and Cucumber Salad
Apple Pie  Read more

Returning to Basics - by Frances Abrams

It upsets me to hear the words “good” and “bad” when we talk about food.  In our society we tend to give what we eat enormous power and control.  I have always believed that judging our weight and our food stems from dieting and the restrictions we impose upon ourselves. When we go on a diet, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It doesn’t matter why we are on a diet.  If we feel we are depriving ourselves, then eating is going to be a struggle.  Read more

No Choice but to Be Fat? - by Christina Pirello

‘Sometimes I have no choice but to eat heavy, greasy food…’ goes the opening line in a television ad for ‘Activia,’ the yogurt enriched with ‘bifidus regularis’ (an invented marketing name for Dannon’s exclusively used probiotic) to normalize digestion. A professional-looking woman runs through her day, grabbing a hot dog, cake at a party to illustrate the point.

But it’s not Dannon and their manufactured bacteria that got me thinking about the health of this country. No, it was the opening line of the ad that got me.

Really? There’s no choice but to eat food that we know is robbing us of our health and making us fat?   Read more

Diner Time - by Christina Pirello

Sometimes there’s nothing better than grabbing a bite to eat at a local diner.  Ah, the pleasure of comfort foods!  In this spirit, I’ve prepared a menu of delicious ‘diner’ cuisine that you can enjoy without having to leave the house!  And guess what?  These recipes are better for you too!  So put your records (or iPod) on and start rockin’ it in the kitchen.  Read more

Need A Good Reason To NEVER EAT FISH Again? - by Robert Pirello

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La Dolce Vita
 - by Christina Pirello

Ah, the good life!  For me Italian food will always be a main ingredient in life.  After all, I am Italian!  And what’s not to love?  The flavors, aromas, fresh produce, mouth-watering pastas, and colors of la dolce vita are ever-present in Italian cuisine.  Take in the tastes of Italy in the comfort of your own home with this special menu.  And if you want to be fully immersed, consider joining me for the ultimate Italy experience with our Tuscan Harvest Feast tour, June 18-27, 2010.  (We’ve only got a few spots left!)  Read more

200 Cookbooks and Counting - by Frances Abrams

I had to buy another bookcase last week for my cookbook collection.  I have been collecting cookbooks for the past thirty years, and I had run out of space for them.  I was squirreling the books away in closets and boxes and was not able to read them.   I just love to browse through my favorite cookbooks—I don’t necessarily make any of the recipes—but I read them as I would a novel.  I love the unrealistic photographs of perfectly executed food.  I enjoy reading how spices are combined to make the consummate Moroccan stew or how zucchini and eggplant match up together into a wonderful casserole.  I find the whole experience meditative and relaxing.  Read more

I Couldn’t Possibly Do That! - by Ken Dill

I understand this “wellness lifestyle” and vegetarian eating may be working for you.  But I couldn’t possibly do that, it’s torture.  I can’t give up everything I love because you say it would make me healthier, happier, more vital and full of life.  Yes, I’ve read some (not all - there were too many) of the scientific, unbiased studies that you gave me.  But I got confused by all the references to other studies that back up their findings.  I didn’t realize there was so much documentation supporting reversal of disease and how to live a long, healthy life.  I usually get my health information from TV or newspapers headlines (I don’t even have time to read the article) or whatever magazine is in reach at the grocery checkout. Yes, I know you said some of the greatest thinkers in human history like Plato, Socrates, Einstein, and Da Vinci were vegetarian but they just had this guy on the 10 o’clock news who said…  Read more

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