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Feel the Heat - by Christina Pirello

Even in the heat of summer I love to spice things up for some hot and heavy action…in the kitchen.  This menu is perfect for a festive dinner party with friends or, better yet, a couples’ night.  Your taste buds will do the tango as you and your partner bring on the salsa dancing.  I kept these dishes on the light side because, who knows, you might need some energy for later

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Food, Glorious Food - by Frances Abrams

I was really angry at myself last week for enjoying the aromas of the food court at the mall and fascinated by the way I responded to those smells.  Is there a physiological or psychological trigger in those smells that ignited my olfactory and gustatory senses?  Will I always be affected or influenced by those smells…especially freshly brewed coffee, whose smell l enjoy more than its taste?  Or, will years of not eating those foods eventually make me immune to their allure?  I began to wonder why we eat, not just why we eat fried or greasy foods, but why we eat and when and how we begin to develop our eating patterns.   Read more

Can We Cut Crime by Changing Cafeteria Menus?

I know; I know. It’s controversial. Some say crazy, but what if we could reduce crime and violence by simply changing cafeteria menus?  A high school in Appleton, Wisconsin tried an experiment under the enlightened guidance of their principal, LuAnn Coenen. She wanted to see if she could positively affect the fighting, weapons-carrying and general lack of focus and discipline in the school by changing the food the kids ate.   Read more

Breakfast for Dinner - by Christina Pirello

Sometimes there is nothing better than having comforting breakfast foods to help wind down from a busy day.  There are plenty of treats on this menu; you might just have enough left over to jumpstart your morning!  Enjoy!   Read more

A Miracle - by David Leathers

I always made a claim, even before parenthood, that I would do anything to not have a child who only eats chicken nuggets and french fries. You know, the kid that could eat at the most renowned restaurant with the broadest menu and would still want nuggets.  Read more

Is Healthy Living the Privilege of a Few?

In these hard economic times, people are watching their dwindling money do less and less. We also continuously hear about living well, eating naturally and preventing disease. These three basic concepts of a healthy life have taken on the aura of out-of-reach luxury. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Read more

Dairy-Free For All - by Christina Pirello

June is National Dairy Month and I can’t help but cringe every time I see the “Got Milk” ads and hear nutritionists talk about the health “benefits” of milk and other dairy products.  Research shows that dairy is hazardous to our health.  If milk is so great for us why is 75% of the world population estimated to be lactose intolerant?  In addition to digestive issues, dairy consumption has also been linked to acne, allergies, Type I diabetes, and even cancer!  You heard me, cancer.    Read more

Meatless Monday: Take it Easy - by Christy Morgan

Studying plant-based nutrition for many years, with many different doctors and experts, reading different books, and experimenting with my own diet and lifestyle has shown me many things. And it's confirmed how drastically our health in this country has declined.  A diet full of chemicals and fake food, an animal-centered diet high in fat, our complete lack of exercise, an over-consumption of sugar and processed food are just some of the offenders. But there isn’t one culprit that we can pinpoint as the bad guy.  Read more

Curmudgeons Unite! - by Bill Tara

I have always liked the word curmudgeon; it has a sort of gritty gravitas to it. Much to my surprise I think I have become one. In fact, I may have been one for years and just didn’t know it. No one ever called me that to my face but I have a feeling that might change. I am definitely becoming a party-pooper. It’s not that I don’t like a party; it’s just that some parties don’t know when to call it quits.   Read more

Don’t Buy Me Those Peanuts and Cracker Jack! - by Frances Abrams

It’s a full time job taking care of myself.  Although being a healthy person can be time consuming, it’s worth the time and effort because it feels so great.  It is very important to feel balanced in all areas of your life.  Nothing that is important to me gets neglected, from making the bed in the morning to cooking three delicious meals daily, and everything else in between.  It all works well for a variety of reasons, and, as a result, I have lots of energy.  Finding enough time in a day is the result of being in control of my choices, decisions and actions.  Read more

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