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Bone Appétit - by Christina Pirello

Looking to build stronger bones?  The answer isn't dairy.  Steer clear of the milk and the cheese (for more on that, read The China Study of any books from Dr. Neal Barnard).  I've created a menu of recipes with ingredients chock full of calcium - greens, broccoli, chickpeas, black beans and hiziki (a sea vegetable).  They'll help your bones while your taste buds enjoy every bite.  And what's a good dinner without a little sweetness at the end?  Enjoy!  Read more

Turn "Bikini Season" into "Loving Me on the Inside and Out" Season - by Christy Morgan

Eating healthy and living your bliss is not about being thin and losing weight. That can be an additional perk, but I eat a healthy plant-based diet so I can be my most radiant, sexy, authentic self. Living in Los Angeles, I'm surrounded by anorexic Hollywood stars and regular people are consumed with dieting and starvation. It isn't psychologically or physically healthy to put so much concern and energy into the way we look. We create toxicity in our entire life when we become obsessed with the physical. I know firsthand what toxic thoughts can do. Even though I've been pretty thin my whole life, I would break down in tears looking at my thighs in the mirror. Our society, advertising, fashion magazines, and culture have allowed this to happen to both the women and men of my generation.  Read more

Slim Pickins' - by Christina Pirello

There are times, especially in the summer, when I want to keep things light for dinner.  My husband and I always make a point to start our day with a big and balanced macrobiotic breakfast - lots of veggies and some grains for energy.  So a lighter dinner tends to be just what we need to end our day!  Here's just one direction you can take it - a pairing of a nice green salad with a vegetable dish and some finger foods.  Lighten up!   Read more

A New Green State of Mind

This sad tragedy with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico shows what always happens: the human error and an ideology of no regulations along with money and influence entrenched in our political system with politicians and judges.  Read more

Take-Out Turnaround - by Christina Pirello

Who knew there were healthy replacements for take-out foods and, more importantly, that they could taste great?  I've created this turnaround menu to satisfy your cravings for a fun and (bonus!) nutritious feast.  Get your chopsticks ready!       Read more

Balancing Act - by Christina Pirello

I had the incredible opportunity to testify before the U.S. Department of Agriculture last Thursday and share my story and passion for healthy eating.  I asked the committee responsible for the dietary guidelines (you know, that food pyramid!) to consider the overwhelming research and results that show we can reverse chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes with a plant-based diet.   Read more

A Day in D.C.

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Ode to the Three Hour Lunch

I have been traveling to Italy for both business and pleasure for years. I have often said that I feel more myself there than I do here in my own country. I was never sure why. It’s completely true for me, but I could not put my finger on the reason. Until now.  Read more

Score at the Shore - by Christina Pirello

Yes, it's that time of year again...time to get out the bathing suit, grab the hubby, and head to the shore!  But don't forget the food!  Here are a few dishes I made for the trip.  While they seem a little uncharacteristic when compared to traditional beach eats, these treats will satisfy tastebuds and leave you nourished all day.  Read more

Feel the Heat - by Christina Pirello

Even in the heat of summer I love to spice things up for some hot and heavy action…in the kitchen.  This menu is perfect for a festive dinner party with friends or, better yet, a couples’ night.  Your taste buds will do the tango as you and your partner bring on the salsa dancing.  I kept these dishes on the light side because, who knows, you might need some energy for later

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